Marco Albonetti: sax

Nuevo Tango

Albonetti’s fascination for this cultural-musical genre first arose during his years of residence in America. From then on, his rhythmic/melodic studies left him thirsty to know more about this incomparable fusion of ethnic, cultural and musical traditions. Through persistent study and research on the interpretation of the new tango of Astor Piazzolla, he was awarded fellowships provided by Michigan State University and the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. Having completed his doctoral studies at Michigan State University, he based his dissertation, “A performance guide to Astor Piazzolla’s music,” on extensive scholarly research. In addition he has lived shortly in Buenos Aires where he studied the music of Astor Piazzolla and conducted personal interviews with Maria Susanna Azzi, Arturo Schneider, Pablo Ziegler, Daniel Binelli, Horacio Ferrer and Laura Escalda Piazzolla.

Marco Albonetti has become adept at developing programs of new tango as soloist with orchestras and as part of a duo with an outstanding pianist, Vicky Schaetzinger. Repertory includes works by composers such as Oracio Salgan, Jorge Bosso, Pablo Ziegler, Astor Piazzolla, Daniel Binelli, Gustavo Fedel. Their passionate and innovative musical style form the heart and soul of their forthcoming CD.





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