“A splendid piece of work, impeccably executed, and a demonstration of great respect for the music of Maestro Piazzolla, which my father, Aldo, with much enthusiasm and commitment, contributed to publish and disseminate. A tribute to the purity of the art form as much as to the work of our publishing house, Edizioni A. Pagani, which, together with my father, I have been proud to lead for many years. Our aim continues to be that of maintaining this level of quality, and stimulating new generations to understand and love the work of this much talked-about genius. Thank you, Marco; my dad would have loved it!”

Note by the publisher: A. Pagani


“Got so emotional listening to your recording!!! Very very beautiful. Loved it. Very delicate and musical. Bravissimo!!! Especially loved your free phrasing.” (On Oblivion, arranged by Ziegler)

Pablo Ziegler, Legendary pianist of Astor Piazzolla


“It is a true pleasure to listen to the outstanding performance of these lovely pieces. The fantastic orchestrations for chamber orchestra make them come alive in a wholely new way. Certainly one of the best saxophone recordings ever made.”

Pekka Savijoki, Conductor and Saxophone Professor at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki


“Marco Albonetti’s latest album, ‘Romance del Diablo-The Music of Piazzolla’ is the culmination of decades of devoted research. Albonetti studied Piazzolla’s original manuscripts, transcribed his recordings, and orchestrated them for saxophone and string orchestra. This project has been a labor of love for Albonetti, and it shows. The level of artistry and commitment yields dramatic results. His orchestrations are colorful and innovative, and his saxophone playing is passionate and captivating. The energy of the Nuevo Tango is alive and well in this creative rendition, and the full palette of human experience is embedded in this recording.”

Carrie Koffman, Associate Professor of Saxophone, The Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford; Lecturer of Saxophone, The Yale School of Music, USA


“I really love the sound concept, that you have chosen: its is a very personal mix of different elements. It doesn’t fit in a box of jazz or classical. Crossover is not even covering it: it is ‘Marco’. Well done! I also love the arrangements: very creative. Piazzolla (who was an inventor) would have loved it!”

Arno Bornkamp, concert artist, professor of saxophone at Conservatorium van Amsterdam


“Marco is one of the most interesting Italian saxophonists around. His musical and artistic quality as well as his ideas are highly personal and original.  When I heard the first edit of the album I was astounded by the emotions the music poured over me. This album is just what everyone needs in what is perhaps the most difficult period in these Corona times.”

Ties Mellema, Concert artist, professor of saxophone at Tilburg University, The Netherland


“The music of Astor Piazzolla has been recorded by various renowned artists and is being enjoyed by music connoisseurs and enthusiasts from all over the world. This new recording of Piazzolla’s music by Marco Albonetti is not just another CD of his music. It is a special recording not only because it truly captivates nuevo tango and the spirit of the maestro, but also because it provides a spectacular interpretive version with the soprano saxophone as the main instrument, supported by brilliant orchestrations performed wonderfully by the members of the string orchestra. It is apparent that Albonetti, who is also responsible for the orchestrations, devoted many years in studying and analyzing Piazzolla’s music. The end result is full of passion and energy.”

Yiannis Miralis, Associate Professor of Music Education and Saxophone, European University Cyprus.


“Thank you for your recording. My compliments! Great arrangements! Very emotional playing! Just good Music!”

Koryun Asatryan, saxophone professor at  Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Germany


“Holy crap Marco, sounds great!  Great sax playing, what a great sounding orchestra and production! Also nice arrangements… You should make a million Euro with this program! Marco, sounds amazing! Congrats!”

Russ Peterson, Concert soloist, professor of saxophone at Concordia college, USA


“Tremendous performance, unbelievable musicianship, Marco Albonetti is no doubt the best ambassador of Astor Piazzolla’s music.”

Chih Huan Wu, Conductor. Assistant Professor of Saxophone, National Taiwan University of Arts