Postcard from Italy, by Marco Albonetti

Film music has been described as the defining new genre of classical music in the twentieth century. It engages both the ear and the heart of an audience. The masterpieces composed by two Italian film composers in particular, Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone, embody the cultural identity of most Italians and they have become recognised and loved by audiences around the world. The film themes in this album capture the magical combination of romance, melancholy, friendship, and violence. The notes […]

Music and Film

From cinema’s earliest days, most films have had a musical accompaniment of some kind. Even silent films were not viewed in total silence. The rhythm of the music sustained the momentum of action on screen. Since the first screenings by the Lumière brothers and others, the visual quality of films steadily improved and innovations in sound kept pace. Once sound could be added to the footage, music composed for the screen never lost its importance.

In most cases music written for […]

Amarcord d’un Tango

Introduction by Marco Albonetti

Amarcord signifies memory, the nostalgic re-enactment of the past. Here, it evokes the idea of joining two instruments, the saxophone and the bandoneón, both of which were invented in the middle of the nineteenth century. The connection is embedded in their history. The bandoneón, created as a more agile substitute for the organ in the world of sacred music in Germany, was brought by German immigrants to Buenos Aires, where it became central to the tango, a […]

Time suspended: the thousand souls of the tango, by Ruben Marzà

Two apparently distant worlds, two instruments of different appearance, origin, and character, and yet united by a complex and versatile soul, by a history made up of journeys and encounters, roots and perspectives.

Saxophone and bandoneón, the two solo voices of Amarcord d’un Tango, share this unique dimension, this identity which in fact is a non-identity: both came into existence in Europe in the 1840s, the former destined to fill the gap between woodwind and brass and to show itself to […]